8 Eco-Friendly Alternatives that You Need in Your Household ✨

Courtney Dunn
4 min readApr 18, 2022

Let’s all make these mindful sustainable choices as we must remember, there is no Planet B ;)

1. Use natural loofahs in the bathroom.

Better for your skin and kinder to the planet? What more could you ask for? Switch out your plastic-based bath poufs for biodegradable and compostable options that are now widely available to the market. Your skin and the planet will thank you.

2. Go bottle free — opt for shampoo & conditioner bars!

Not only do bath bars make travelling with toiletries a bit easier, but they also reduce a huge number of plastic bottles that eventually end up going to landfills. With various scent options and even some catering to different hair types, it’s a must-try!

3. Need to wrap something? Beeswax paper is the way to go.

Saran wrap, what’s that? No need for more plastic in your life with beeswax paper available! You can DIY this or even purchase it in stores. Reuse it to pack your sandwiches or cover any leftovers. You’ll be surprised how durable they are with just a simple wash of soap once you’re done using them and they’re ready to be used again (and again).

4. Ditch wasteful tea bags & get some classy tea strainers.

Did you know that tea bags generate a lot of waste? Each one typically comes in individual packaging and the bags themselves usually contain polypropylene — a commonly used compound to form plastic. Using loose leaf tea leaves while using a tea strainer is the eco-friendly option. They come in the classic metal style, but some are even shaped to look like different animals, items or even characters!

5. Switch to reusable shopping bags for produce.

Invest in these mesh produce shopping bags as they eliminate the need to use the flimsy plastic bags available at the grocery store. These bags also help maintain the fruit and vegetables’ freshness as they provide increased air circulation inside the bag!

6. No need for plastic zipper bags ’cause we got reusable silicone bags.

Do you find yourself repurchasing these plastic bags regularly? Give reusable silicone bags a chance as they’ll save you some money and reduce plastic products in our landfills & oceans.

7. Paper towel who? Natural cloths for the win!

Paper towels are easy to use for sure, but did you know they come at a huge cost for the environment? 6 million pounds of waste are generated just in 1 day! In addition, they release methane when they decompose. Opt for natural cloths or rags that you can wash & reuse after each use.

8. Plastic trash bags are basic… opt for biodegradable waste bags.

Each year, approximately 1 trillion plastic bags are used globally. That’s a lot of waste that ends up into our natural resources. Biodegradable bags that you use in your kitchen or trash bins can be decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms, which is much better option for us and our planet!

We hope these suggestions have inspired you to make some eco-friendly changes in your daily life. Try one out and you’ll find you may like it even better than the plastic alternative!



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